Ashley's Tea
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Executive Starter Kit
Ashley’s Tea includes: 1.Tea Party Consultant Manual*** 2.Tea Party Handbook*** 3.Ashley’s Tea picture book*** 4.Party Guide** 5.Business forms (standard contracts)*** 6.Starter Kit*** a. (50) ct. Dinner Napkins*** b.(50) ct. Luncheon Napkins*** c.( 4) packages of Invitations (Teapot) design***d. (4) packages Thank you notes*** e. (4) Off White Table covers***f.(2) packs 20 ct. 6” plates*** g.(12) Crystal like tea cups & saucers *** h. (2) set sugar/creamer set*** i. (2) variety tea*** j.(1) set 4” and 6” Dollies*** k.Magnetic Tea Notepad*** l. Samples of gift items include (photo book, stickers, gift bags, gel pens)*** m.(12) satin gloves*** n.Tea Party Music (CD and Cassette)*** o.(1) Box Sugar Cubes*** p. (1) set Tapered Candles*** q.(2) Pillar Candles*** r. Candle holders for each candle***s. (3) Crepe streamers*** t. (2) Teapots*** u. (12) Teapot shaped placemats*** v. 2 Sugar Bowls*** w. (24) small Gift Bags*** x. (24) ct. Spoons and Forks*** y. (3) packs Latex balloons*** z. (1) Cheese and (1) Service Tray*** aa. (2) set Spoons and Sporks*** bb. (2) Shaped Cookie cutters*** cc. (1) pack Reserved Tent cards*** dd. Receipt Book*** ee. calculator*** ff. Calendar Book for appointments*** gg. Guest book*** hh. Tea Party Certificates*** ii. Business Card Holder*** jj. pack Pencils*** kk. (1) Stapler*** ll.Office kit: glue sticks, paper clips, staples, highlighter, magic markers, post it notes, erasers, pencils, ink pens.) mm. Tea Party Stationery*** nn. Teapot stamper & Ink pad*** oo. (2) rolls clear tape*** pp. (1) pencil cup holder*** qq. Tea Party Apron*** rr. Utility Apron*** ss. (1) box Envelopes*** tt. (1) Napkin Holder*** uu. (CD) How to Advertise your business manual